Salmonfishing In Norway

In the end of august we drove to Norway; the promised land for atlantic salmon.

At this time of the season, it´s less crowded but the fishing can be difficult. As soon as we arrived to our destination, the weather turned cold and wet. The water level went up 90 cm!

Due to that, the water temperature dropped with at least 3,5 degrees celsius. Fish stopped jumping, and showing signs of less activity. It didn't stop us from trying in the rain. Nevertheless, the chance of new fish coming up were good. Here is some memories from the trip:

Our moldy house in the mountains


At first, Aleksi hooked a really beautiful sea trout.
It was pure silver, caught right after arrival from the sea!

Aleksi and 72cm sea trout

After Aleksi's seatrout we had to wait until the very last day of fishing to get contact with big fish. Rain had stopped, waterlevels were getting stabil and the sun was shining when I finally hooked and landed a fish that seemed small at the first hit, but it turned out to be exactly what we all were here for: a salmon!

Johan casting for salmon

The 'silver' prize

- J. Inkinen -


  1. Good to see you write again! It was a fun trip, even thought the fishing was challenging, but every fish was really rewarding. Unfortunately now I'm addicted to this stuff, MUST GET SALMON!

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