- Chasing The BIG ONE -

Our trip started on the friday 26th of august.

I ran away from work at one o'clock and took Kiviniemi brothers with me for the trip to north.
We were rising the atmosphere with our discussion of our dreams of catching the 'BIG' northern trout.
In this moment we had no clue of what to come on our trip =)

Our driving trip to north was really exhausting and long, at least for Me and Ville!
For Alexandra the length of the trip didn't feel bad at all, due the amount of liquor he drank..

We arrived to our destination on 7am.
Our trip only took fifteen hours of driving, how nice!
We drank rum glasses and we went to sleep..

The first day went sleeping and trying to recovery from the driving trip.
We had couple of casts on a river and lot of booze! Ville had a swimming accident and we had lot of fun :D Some fishing gear was lost during the swimming session..

Canon 5D MK II,  24mm,  f/22,  1.0s,  Iso 100

Canon 5D MK II,  24mm,  f/5.6,  1/125s,  Iso 200
Our fishing van

We succeeded to catch our first fishes and we went sleeping happy =)

On one day we went fishing to the mountains.
Weather conditions were great for the trip but the fishing was extremely challenging.
We were just enjoying the views and some rum called Ron Zacapa, perfect!

When the evening arrived the fishing started to get better and better.
After all the evening was great and I was able to catch two graylings and the bigger one was 50cm tall.

Canon 5D MK II,  200mm,  f/5.6,  1/80s,  Iso 400
Smaller grayling with a dry fly

Photo by Ville Kiviniemi / Edit J. Inkinen
Fifty centimeter grayling with a tinsel!

During our trip the grayling fishing was great all the time!
The graylings were eating from the surface very well and dry fly fishing was working nice.

Canon 5D MK II,  24mm,  f/4,  1/250s,  Iso 200
Alexandra casting

Canon 5D MK II,  24mm,  f/5.6,  1/125s,  Iso 200

Canon 5D MK II,  24mm,  f/5.6,  1/160s,  Iso 200
Alexandra & grayling

Canon 5D MK II,  42mm,  f/4.5,  1/250s,  Iso 200
Back to river

Canon 5D MK II,  200mm,  f/4,  1/125s,  Iso 800
Wiljami, Burkheimer & M. Noel

Canon 5D MK II,  160mm,  f/4,  1/160s,  Iso 1600

Canon 5D MK II,  24mm,  f/11, 10.0s,  Iso 200
- The team -


Canon 5D MK II,  24mm,  f/22, 6.0s,  Iso 100
The moment

We were dreaming of catching a big trout so we started to work for our dreams.
One day appeared to be better than all the rest. On the first hours of the fishing day Alexandra was able to hook a huge trout and was able to land it after ten minutes of fight.
The fish was really big and beautiful. 74 centimeter & about 4 - 4.5 kg!

Canon 5D MK II,  62mm,  f/4, 1/160s,  Iso 400
Stor öring! =)

Canon 5D MK II,  46mm,  f/4.5, 1/160s,  Iso 400

The atmosphere was really high because we were able to catch first big trout on our trip!
I was really happy that Alexandra caught a big trout. That mede me feel really confident on my own fishing. Now I realized that the river had BIG trouts also waiting for me!

I chose a fly from my box that would match the colors that the guide told us would work on this kind of weather.
I was concentrating on my casting.
I casted to the middle stream, mended my line and started to slowly strip in..and BOOM! Suddenly I had huge hit on my fly! I mean HUGE!! My fly was accepted!
I started to scream, "FISH ON, FISH ON!!"
All my fish mates started to run to help.

The fish felt really big and heavy.
Right from the hit the fish took a huge run downstream and took my fly line on backing!
The feeling was unbelievable.. I feared that I'd loose my fish that I was shaking all the time.
The fight took about fifteen minutes and I was pretty tired.

When I saw the fish on my net I screamed for joy!
THIS WAS THE BEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE! The fish was extremely beautiful and big.
Strategic measures was 79 centimeter and about 6 - 6.5 kg!

Canon 5D MK II,  34mm,  f/5.6, 1/200s,  Iso 200
Happiest moment of my life! 79cm & about 6 - 6.5 kg trout.

Canon 5D MK II,  68mm,  f/5.6, 1/25s,  Iso 200
Black & White

Canon 5D MK II,  68mm,  f/5.6, 1/250s,  Iso 200

Our friend Peter was really happy for us!

After we had landed our big trouts we "öring-mens" decided to go celebrate our achievements to the local restaurant.
While we were eating, Ville was still fishing and trying to catch his own trout.
Soon he called that he had caught his first trout.
The trout was 62 centimeter tall and we named it "baby trout" =D
After all the day was perfect. Each mates landed nice big trouts!

This moment remains in my thoughts forever and I wish I could experienced again some time.
Now this experience feels to be unreal but fortunately, its real! =)

- J. Inkinen -