- Pohjolan Perhokalastaja 3 / 2012

new issue of Pohjolan Perhokalastaja magazine has been published!
I think that this issue is one of the best so far!

This number offers:

  • * The star of Slovenia *,  Marble trout - Joni Inkinen & Johan Greus
  • The best dry flies - Tero Lannes
  • Article about photographing - Aleksandar Stenberg
  • Dvd corner - Teemu Väänänen
  • AND MUCH MORE . . .

There is our story about Marble and fishing in Slovenia, which Johan and I have written.

If for some reason you aren't ordering this best Finnish fly-fishing magazine, please, fix it soon as possible!

- J. Inkinen - 

Troutfishing In The Heart Of Finland

We got an invitation from our friends to come fish trout to one of the private rivers, "in the heart of Finland".

With hurry, Johan booked the flights to Finland and we started to drive towards the river. The place was really nice, nicest river in Finland where I have been fished. We had lot of fun and we received some great pictures and some nice trouts..

Here is a few pictures from our trip -->

Canon 5D MKII, 24mm, f/7.1, 1/60s, Iso 100

- Photo by J. Greus - 

- Photo by J. Greus - 
My brownie with a streamer

- Photo by J. Greus - 
50 centimeter brown trout

- Photo by J. Greus - 
C & R

- Photo by J. Greus - 

- Photo by J. Greus - 
Some of the really nice moments in the evening

Thank you J. Tissari for the invitation and J. Greus for sharing this trip with me!

Check also Johan's memories from the trip here:  Greusflyfishing.com

- J. Inkinen -